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The family of Harry Fletcher greats race winner, Greg Hodnett in Victory Lane.

SPRING RUN, PA (June 26, 2016) – Greg Hodnett picked up the 410 Sprint Car victory in the Fred Rahmer Promotions Harry Fletcher Memorial event at the Path Valley Speedway as part of Pennsylvania Sprint Car Speedweek.

Hodnett, of Thomasville, PA, started from the top spot but claiming the $6,600 top prize was no easy task as Hodnett battled with Noblesville, IN’s Bryan Clauson side-by-side for more than 30 circuits.

“Clauson is a fierce competitor. He wins in everything he drives, we raced very hard and very clean. I’m fortunate to compete with someone like him” Hodnett explained to MRN Radio’s Winged Nation host, Steve Post in Victory Lane. “I struggle with these smaller race tracks, I credit this win to my guys who do a great job on this car for these races.”

With Hodnett leading them down to the green flag, trouble brewed early. Rodney Westhafer lightly rolled over in turn 1 bringing the red flag out on the initial start and leading to a complete restart.

Hodnett bolted out in front of the 24-car field, while Lucas Wolfe overtook front-row starter Aaron Ott in the first corner and slide up in front of Hodnett exiting turn four one-lap later.

As the field approached lapped traffic on the sixth circuit, Wolfe and Hodnett would swap the top spot twice. Hodnett pulled inside Wolfe exiting turn two, followed by Wolfe performing a slide job on Hodnett exiting turn four.

Hodnett set steady in the top spot on the eighth lap. With heavy lapped traffic approaching, Clauson – who started in the fifth position – slipped passed Wolfe and into the second position.
Hodnett and Clauson fought wheel-to-wheel, using lapped traffic and crisscrossing grooves. On the 16th circuit, Hodnett slid in front of Clauson exiting turn two, forcing Clauson to brake heavily. As Hodnett powered forward Clauson charged back, taking over the top spot briefly just passed the halfway mark, only to forfeit the lead back to Hodnett.

Weaving in and out of lapped traffic on the 27th lap, Hodnett powered off the top groove diving below the cars of Brock Zearfoss and Tyler Ross – a bold move that distanced him from Clauson. Almost simultaneously Brent Mark of Myerstown, PA, came out of nowhere to challenge for the second position.

The field slowed for the final time on lap 32, when Australian competitor Sean Zemunik rolled over in turn 4 forcing a red flag.

A single file restart sealed the deal as Hodnett held off Clauson and Marks to claim his 26th Pennsylvania Sprint Car Speedweek victory. Lucas Wolfe came home in the fourth position, Ryan Smith of Kunkleton, PA finished in the fifth spot.

Danny Dietrich of Gettysburg, PA finished in sixth, Ohio invader Cole Duncan finished seventh, Alan Krimes in 8th, Aaron Ott in 9th and Mike Wagner rounded out the top ten.

Collecting $300 for their Heat race wins were Clauson, A.J. Flick, Marks, and Alan Krimes. Heat races were presented by Leffler Energy, Buck Rubs, Freedom Powersports and Emory Transmissions.

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Smithburg, Maryland’s Kameron Morral claimed the $1,000 to win, 25 Lap 600cc Micro Sprint feature event. Defending three-time race winner Tyler Walton started on the pole of the event and jumped out front on the initial start, before looping his Juniata Beverage No. 14 T machine in turn four on the first lap and forcing Walton to the rear.

A complete restart handed the lead to Asbury, NJ’s Eric Bodine. Bodine shot out front at the drop of the green flag with Morral and Birdsboro, PA’s Aaron Bollinger right on his tail.

Morral would overtake the top spot on the 19th lap and set the cruise control claiming the victory. Bodine would settle for second, Bollinger in third, Heath Henly in fourth and Garret Bard in fifth.

600cc Micro Sprint heat races were won by Aaron Bollinger, Tyler Walton, Greg Stevens, and Luke Thomas – all collected an additional $100 for their efforts.

A standing room only crowd participated in a full-day of excitement, with the popular Party at the Path event and Truck and Tractor Pull at Hammond’s Grove picnic area.

Three race fans went home with 32” flatscreen televisions courtesy of Leffler Energy.

The next Party at the Path event takes place on Sunday, August 28 at the Path Valley Speedway and will feature the 410 Sprint Cars and the 600cc Micro Sprints.
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410 SPRINT CARS EAGLE EVERGREEN TIME TRIALS – 1. Greg Hodnett – 10.865, 2. Aaron Ott – 11.072, 3. Lucas Wolfe – 11.082, 4. Ryan Smith – 11.129, 5. Cole Duncan – 11.131 , 6. Mike Wagner – 11.285, 7. Cory Haas – 11.291, 8. Billy Dietrich – 11.298, 9. Bryan Clauson – 11.355, 10. AJ Flick – 11.356, 11. Brent Marks – 11.432, 12. Alan Krimes – 11.442, 13. Brian Montieth – 11.451, 14. Colby Womer – 11.516, 15. Danny Dietrich – 11.533, 16. Rodney Westhafer – 11.565, 17. Brock Zearfoss – 11.737, 18. TJ Stutts – 11.804, 19. Bobby Sandt, Jr. – 11.825 20. Doug Esh – 11.877, 21. Sean Zemunik – 11.986, 22. Mike Wagner II – 11.987, 23. Joey Hershey – 12.063, 24. Tyler Ross – 12.121, 25. Troy Fraker – 12.314, 26. Brad Franks – 12.415, 27. Bill Jones, Jr. – 12.430, 28. Bobby Manzingo – 12.724, 29. Joe Kata III – 12.733

Leffler Energy Heat 1 (10 Laps) – 1. Bryan Clauson 2. Greg Hodnett 3. Brian Montieth 4. Cole Duncan 5. Brock Zearfoss

Buck Rubs Heat 2 (10 Laps) – 1. A.J. Flick 2. Mike Wagner 3. Aaron Ott 4. TJ Stutts 5. Colby Womer

Freedom Power Sports Heat 3 (10 Laps) – 1. Brent Marks 2. Danny Dietrich 3. Lucas Wolfe 4. Cory Haas 5. Joey Hershey

Emory Transmissions Heat 4 (10 Laps) – 1. Alan Krimes 2. Ryan Smith 3. Billy Dietrich 4. Doug Esh 5. Rodney Westhafer

B-Main (12 Laps) – 1. Sean Zemunik 2. Tyler Ross 3. Joe Kata III 4. Brad Franks

A-Main (40 Laps) – 1. Greg Hodnett 2. Bryan Clauson 3. Brent Marks 4. Lucas Wolfe 5. Ryan Smith 6. Danny Dietrich 7. Cole Duncan 8. Alan Krimes 9. Aaron Ott 10. Mike Wagner 11. Doug Esh 12. AJ Flick 13. Brian Montieth 14. TJ Stutts 15. Cory Haas 16. Tyler Ross 17. Brock Zearfoss 18. Billy Dietrich 19. Colby Womer 20. Joey Hershey 21. Joe Kata 22. Brad Franks 23. Sean Zemunik 24. Rodney Westhafer

600cc Micro Sprints
Heat 1 (10 Laps) – 1. Aaron Bollinger 2. Kameron Morral 3. Mike Dicely 4. Kenny Miller 5. Dexter Strawser
Heat 2 (10 Laps) – 1. Tyler Walton 2. Heath Hehnly 3. Hayden Miller 4. Steve Whary 5. Tyler Snook
Heat 3 (10 Laps) – 1. Greg Stevens 2. Anthony Macri 3. Chris Gerhart 4. Brendon Bright 5. Garrett Bard
Heat 4 (10 Laps) – 1. Luke Thomas 2. Eric Bodine 3. Jesse Maurer 4. Kyle Lick 5. Matt Riggs-Carr
C-Main (11 Laps) – 1. Travis Scott 2. Tanner Hunnsicker 3. Cory Lawler 4. Dan Braun
B-Main (12 Laps) – 1. Mike Rynard 2. Nick Macri 3. Bradley Weber 4. Travis Scott
A-Main (25 Laps) – 1. Kameron Morral 2. Eric Bodine 3. Aaron Bollinger 4. Heath Hehnly 5. Garrett Burd 6. Anthony Macri 7. Michael Dicely 8. Luke Thomas 9. Jesse Mauer 10. Kyle Lick 11. Chris Gerhart 12. Travis Scott 13. Tyler Snook 14. Matt Carr 15. Hayden Miller 16. Dexter Strauser 17. Kenny Miller 18. Brenden Bright 19. Bradley Weber 20. Mike Rynard 21. Nick Macri 22. Steve Whary 23. Greg Stevens 24. Tyler Walton