How to Stop Early Ejaculation – You Can Last Longer in Bed

How to Stop Early Ejaculation – You Can Last Longer in Bed

January 27, 2023 Off By cO5QJupH

Are you minute men who keep seeing porno movies? Or a one-minute man who doesn’t last more than 4 minutes in bed?

Sorry, but the answer is DOES IT MATTER AT ALL?

In most cases, your partner will tell you that it does matter and that she needs you to last longer in bed. But as a man, do you believe your partner? Can you satisfy her with that attitude?

You need to know some things about stopping early ejaculation before it kills you.

1. Your partner can not read your mind. There’s a phenomenon that people who suffer from premature ejaculation have no conception of how to manage their ejaculation. They think that once they ejaculate, they’ve already done their job.

This is dead wrong. 젤크 운동 전후 변화 후기 Every man has a “point of ejaculation”, the moment when he reaches the “point of no return”. This is the instant when men are at their highest level of excitement.

If you are masturbating and are about to ejaculate or have an orgasm, you can train yourself to stop at this point. That is, you can control ejaculation. So work on this aim for as long as you can.

2. Exercise to strengthen the PC muscle

PC (pubococcygeus) muscles are a bundle of muscles supporting the pelvic floor surrounding the internal genitalia. The PC muscle is involved in ejaculation and orgasm.

You can train yourself to flex and relax these muscles. The PC muscle is the muscle that bends your penis when you are peeing. Stop the urine flow mid-stream. The muscle that stops your pee from flowing is the PC muscle.

To strengthen this muscle is to get or give yourself a PC muscle squeeze. You do this by inserting the fingers between your anus and scrotum and holding the muscles tight. You can get up and down the drain quickly by using this method each time you head to the bathroom.

While you can use this method to learn to control premature ejaculation, what you want to do is to get physical results. This is because the PC muscle is deeply connected to ejaculation and orgasm.

By using a vigorous workout of this muscle, you can learn to control your PC muscle better and maximize its ability to deliver semen and energy.

3. The idle-time trick

This is a simple method that can help you improve your PC muscle and control premature ejaculation. While you’re having sex, you can stop twenty times in a row and take a short break of thirty seconds. This can help you calm down and relax to the point where you will be ready to continue lovemaking.

This little trick can help you learn to better control your PC muscle and ejaculate at will. Try it tonight and see for yourself.

Intercourse tips to stop premature ejaculation

By using these four methods, you can learn to stave off ejaculation until your partner is satisfied and you are too. These methods are very powerful. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, you can expect permanent improvement in your sexual stamina.