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Our program will show why many of the foremost companies in the United States are involved with marketing through motorsports.

Central Pennsylvania is the largest area of sprint car racing and pulls from a diverse group at each event. We will outline how sprint cars target these groups and produces passionate fans from all levels.

Central Pennsylvania is the hotbed of sprint car racing in the country. It features more events per year than any other area in the country. Local tracks in the area attract more than 5,000 fans per event with special attractions drawing upwards of 10,000 fans.

Rahmer Promotions is headed by Fred Rahmer, who successfully dominated the Central Pennsylvania tracks in the 27 years he raced in the area. Fred’s accomplishments are outlined here. Win list outlines tracks all over the United States and Australia.

Retired in 2013 as a driver after Fred’s illustrious career, his retirement brought about a new venture of promoting. Because of his passion for racing and support of all the racing venues, he was given a Speedweek event to promote as part of a nine race series held at Path Valley Speedway. Fred’s event generated the highest car count and support of all the competitors. Each team trusted that Fred had their best interest in mind as well as the race fan support for all of Fred’s passionate fans.

The Racing Fan:
Sprint car racing has cultivated a very solid base of loyal fans that have proven to produce bottom-line impact for the businesses involved in the sport.

The demographic characteristics of a race fan are quite impressive as they depict an excellent target base. A recent study of racing events found an audience primarily composed of young adults who are affluent and possess a higher education level than the national average. Furthermore, a higher percentage of audience is females, a statistic too most professional sports.

Possibly the most interesting of characteristics possessed by the fan is the documented loyalty to the sponsor’s product. Sponsorship is viewed by the fan as support that enables a favorite driver as well as a favorite sport to exceed.

The true prominence of sponsor loyalty within racing is that fans testify that a sponsor’s participation in the sport influence their purchase decisions. Market share research supports this conclusion with findings of consistently higher product usage, as compared to national shares, for sponsors who participate in racing and promote their involvement at the retail level.

Additional Points of Interest:
• Race fans purchase event T-shirts and memorabilia.
• Race fans support the events based on the promoter’s involvement.

Media Exposure
Press coverage throughout the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Southern New York areas.

Harrisburg Patriot News
Reading, PA Eagle
Carlisle Sentinal
Phoenixville Mercury
Lebanon Daily News
Gettysburg Times
Philadelphia Inquirer
Numerous other daily and weekly newspapers

National exposure is achieved through widely circulated trade publications that carry significant coverage of sprint car racing events.
Area Auto Racing News, Trenton, PA
National Speed Sport
Flat Out Magazine
Sprint Car & Midget Magazine

National Television & Radio Coverage:
MSN Radio
Channel 21 News
CBS Sports Network
Numerous Podcasts and on-line radio channels covering weekly racing

Internet Exposure
Fred Rahmer hosts his own dynamic, interactive website at fredrahmerpromotions.com
The site features event schedule with updates daily, until event day.
• Schedules
• Results
• News
• Sponsors
• Link to sponsors

Message Board – information posted on each track’s website.
Information is fed to all webmasters and media contacts responsible for the exposure, coverage and advertising.
Continuous twitter news feeds are rapid fired on the event.

Return on Investment
The sponsor’s name with be carried in all newspapers, radio, e-commerce exposure and other forms of advertising.

A sponsorship announcement release will be issued to all media outlets available to us.

Timely data will be released to media at regular intervals to create continuing interest.

We would invite you to supply printed advertising material for distribution at each track.

Support of race fans as outlined under “The Racing Fan”

Advertisement information of events will be handed out at Motorsports Events, Oaks, PA and winter venue races. We invite you to make suggestions for additional promotional items and ideas.